Hi, I'm Carter! I'm a research fellow in the Effective Altruism / Global Risk Lab advised by Joshua Lewis (NYU) and Lucius Caviola (Oxford). This fall, I'll start a PhD in Behavioral Marketing at Berkeley, supported by a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. I previously researched social learning in the Moral Psychology Research Lab at Harvard. I'm interested in how people make moral judgments and probability estimates - in particular, about topics related to longtermism. I'm also interested in meta-science and judgment and decision-making more broadly.

I love meeting new people and have an autobiographical friend-me doc here. In my free time I longboard, occasionally write, make bad computer music, and play chess. Sometimes I try to build tools to make my job easier - for instance, I wrote this code that allows R users to run bootstrapped within-subjects mediation analyses without their (my) computer exploding. I make mistakes sometimes, and you can give me anonymous feedback about how to make less of them here.

You can find a copy of my CV here.

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